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About Us

Thomas Cizmas, DE

Tom once worked day and night to build Teko Mechanical inc. into the quality mechanical company it is today. Now, with over 35 years HVACR experience, Tom efficiently manages his team of over a dozen trained technicians to satisfy the highest of customer expectations. Tom has held his Design Engineering license in Wisconsin for more than 10 years and is more than willing to personally address Teko’s customers’ HVACR issues and offer solutions.

Tom’s personal experience includes:

  • Project Management/Estimating
  • Manufacturer’s Service Representative
  • Large Commercial Boilers
  • Package Rooftops
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Reciprocating Chillers
  • Automated Control Systems
  • State Licnesed Designer of Engineering Systems
  • State Licensed HVAC Qualifier

Adam Miller, DE

Project Manager/Estimator/Design Engineer
Adam Miller took an entry level position with Teko Mechanical inc. in 2004. Adam has since spent countless hours in school and in the field proving himself an asset to Teko. Adam’s current professional goals include becoming a certified welder.

Adam’s personal experience includes:

  • Licensed Certified Air Balancer
  • Project Management
  • State Licnesed Designer of Engineering Systems
  • State Licensed HVAC Qualifier
  • State Licensed Cross Connection Control Tester
  • State Licensed Dwelling Contractor Qualifier
  • State Licensed Rental Weatherization Inspector
  • State Licensed UDC HVAC Inspector
  • State Licensed UDC Construction Inspector
  • State Licensed Commercial Building Inspector
  • Project Estimator
  • Experience in Computer Programming

Kurt Kochanski

Service Manager
Kurt Kochnanski’s 25 years of HVACR experience has given him insight into any installation or service call need. Kurt manages Teko’s service division with customer satisfaction at the top of his list.

Kurt’s personal experience includes:

  • Service Crew Coordinator
  • HVACR Trouble Shooter
  • Commercial/Residential Control Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Environmental Control Services

Shelly Denny

Office Manager
Shelly Denny is a 10 year veteran of Teko Mechanical inc.’s day to day office operations. Shelly’s duties include customer service and forwarding hot-button issues to technicians in the field. Shelly’s unique book keeping system has become the heart and soul of Teko Mechanical.

Shelly’s personal experience includes:

  • Office Management
  • Book Keeping
  • Project Coordination
  • Customer Follow-up Specialist